Vocal coaching in Brussels


Develop your vocal potential!



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Liberate your true voice

Unleash your vocal power

Sing with freedom and beauty. 


As a singing teacher in Brussels I meet all kinds of people from around the world and there is one thing that is always certain; each of us is capable of far more than we realise.

You can achieve great things with the courage to try and the perseverance to grow.

With a holistic approach to vocal technique we will gently liberate your voice using simple exercises to slowly develop your skill and vocal coordination in order to achieve the very best from your vocal abilities.

My teaching is grounded in the vocal pedagogy of Joe EL'Assedio di Calais performance shot, singing teacher Brusselsstill, a groundbreaking vocal researcher who developed a comprehensive system of understanding and developing skill with vocal function.


Drawing on decades of classical vocal tuition from numerous great teachers spanning the globe, I bring together professional experience and expertise from work and study in Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, Japan, Cambodia, Bali, Singapore, Mauritius, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

I am now based in Brussels and it would be my pleasure to share what I have learned with you.


Midsummer night's dream performance shot, singing teacher Brussels

Learn more about me on my Meet the Teacher page.


Here on my site you can find information about lessons, performances, vocal advice and links to vocal resources.